Banksy's New York residency, "Better Out Than In," may be making the city paranoid. We're starting to see the mysterious man everywhere we look. Yesterday evening, a possible Banksy and Cope2 collaboration appeared in the South Bronx, and today, when wanted posters featuring the villain from Disney's Aladdin, Jafar, appeared on the Citibank building on Mercer and Canal Streets, all fingers were pointed at Banksy. 

Animal New York translated the Arabic text, which reads "Jafar" under the word "WANTED." In the bottom right corner is the Arabic translation of "Banksy."

While that seemed proof enough, the street artist still hasn't posted the piece on his Instagram, which would confirm their authenticity. But before we could find out if they were real or not, the Jafar posters were ripped from the wall. Instagram user @perrylevy uploaded the image below with the caption, "All that was left of the #Banksy #Jafar #Wanted #Print#MercerSt #NewYork Hope this wasn't suppose to be today's piece." That was fast.


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