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Date: 2000-2001
Notable works: Gorilla in a Pink Mask, Simple Intelligence Testing, Space Girl and Bird, Insane Clown, Mona Lisa with AK47

“As soon as I cut my first stencil I could feel the power there. I also like the political edge. All graffiti is low-level dissent, but stencils have an extra history. They’ve been used to start revolutions and to stop wars.” -Banky, as recorded by Tristan Manco in his book Stencil Graffiti

Banksy officially became Banksy when he started using stencils, and he understood that street art was all about repetition, efficiency, and quality. He used stencils to produce his works on a larger scale all over Bristol and London. In Banksy's book, Wall and Piece, the street artist claims that his idea to use stencils came to him when he was hiding from the police under a garbage truck and saw a stenciled serial number. Since then, Banksy has used stencils to create a huge body of street art without being caught.