Date: 2004-2006
Notable works: British £10 notes, Well Hung Lovers, Street Maids, Sale Ends Today, Kissing Policemen

Up until this point, most of Banksy's works were certainly provocative. But around 2004, Banksy started getting overtly political. His pieces boasted anti-war, anti-capitalist, or anti-establishment sentiments, and he challenged British society to think critically about social issues. One of his works during this time involved creating British £10 notes where he replaced the image of the Queen of England with Princess Diana and the words "Bank of England" with "Banksy of England." The notes were intended to commemorate Princess Diana's death but instead were sometimes used fraudulently. Banksy eventually axed the project, and his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop includes footage showing his confusion with what to do with all the extra bills.