Sure, sometimes dessert is art, but when is art dessert?

That’s the question posed and answered by photographer Sarah Anne Ward, who replicates modern art masterpieces through the use of baked goods and dessert items. She started out by making an ice cream cake to replicate the canvases of Mark Rothko, but her appetite for art history wasn’t satiated by Impressionism. So she moved on to the cubist cookies of Picasso, the abstract marshmallow squares of Jackson Pollock, the sculptural sweets of Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, a Jell-O molded Mondrian.

“These are ways that you can actually prepare food for people,” Ward says, “It’s not just making the picture with the food; it’s making it in a way that it can be served, eaten, and also recognizable.”

Ward is a food and product photographer by day. For this project, she calls on food stylists Heather Meldrom and Michelle Gatton. Check out some pics of her creations above and more information on her website.

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[via PSFK]