You guys ready for a particle physics lesson? Me neither. But I did go onto Wikipedia the other day to learn a lot about matter and antimatter. Did you guys know that if regular particles and antiparticles collide they complete annihilate each other? Yeah, and the resulting annihilation creates Gamma Rays, neutrinos and probably a whole bunch of other matter, but I stopped reading the article after the 1st paragraph. What does all this lame ass nerd talk have to do with clothes, right? Well, I mean, technically everything, but I’ll let your physics professor convince you of that. Specifically I’m talking 'bout swag and anti-swag.

Did you guys not know about the existence of anti-swag? Don’t feel bad man, modern physics didn’t embrace the antimatter theory until around 1928. When it comes to swag, anti-swag completely cancels out any cool your other gear may have brought to the table. While gamma rays and neutrinos don’t result from the mutual annihilation, there is a by-product. In this case? You looking like a fucking chump. And that's why I’m here speaking with you today, to help you avoid devastating articles of anti-swag.

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