Remember Amanda Bynes? The actress/singer/Tweeter had a wild summer that culminated with her being checked into a psych ward and then rehab center. But before she went away, in between lighting shit on fire, throwing a bong out her apartment window, and showing up to court in kinda crazy/kinda awesome 'fits, she commissioned celebrity jeweler Ben Baller to make her a very princess-y grill. We got a preview of the $10,000 job back in July when Ben Baller put a photo of Bynes' molds on Instagram.

Well, after a few months of trying to deliver them to a very understandably occupied Bynes, it seems like Ben Baller has given up on getting them to her. However, he did Instagram the finished product, and asked if he should auction off the piece that was made with "Natural pink diamonds set on 14k rose gold." While Bynes may miss the opportunity to bling out with the likes of Katy Perry, Madonna, and Miley Cyrus, at least she won't have to deal with the problem of having bad breath brought on by her grill?