A Taiwan-based designer has refashioned the tired old vending machine to become a vehicle of inspiration and literary ambition.

Alice Wang of Alice Wang Design retooled a bottle vending machine to dole out quotes, embedded in bottles, with just a bit of sand. She calls it the Quote Vendor. The quotes come rolled up like the classically romantic messages in bottles and provide its source. 

“Quote Vendor came from the observation that in today’s society,” Wang wrote on her website,  “we are becoming more accustomed to instant and short messages. Whether through text messages, or online so­cial platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, less people are willing to read long paragraphs, let alone having the patience to read through an entire book.”

“The audience can purchase a quote under different categories and hopefully the quote will inspire them to pick up and finish the rest of the book.”

Check out some shots of the machine above and more information at Wang’s website.

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[via Design Taxi

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