For someone who is only 19 years old, Alex Kazemi seems to have a lot of things figured out. After having his original manuscript go viral online, gaining the attention of celebrities including Chloe Moretz, Kazemi has managed to ink a book deal with MTV Books. Releasing in 2014, the novel entitled "Yours Truly, Brad Sela" is a trip back to the '90s written from the perspective of someone who was born in the middle of the decade. A ten-page preview of the new book has been made available by District MTV and Kazemi explains how the story has changed from it's popular original draft: "I am spending more time with the story; things are changing as I am changing everyday. I'm happy the old version (known as "the first 50 pages") is in the deep web where people have to hunt down the file and find someone who has it that will share with them or people can try to remember the images in the scenes they read from the old version without being able to revisit the text. If they really want it, they'll seek it. Things are changing but this will still be the same story the audience that helped make this happen loved, just better and I couldn't be more excited to reveal the first 10 pages on District MTV now…."

Check out the Distict MTV link above or head to Kazemi's Tumblr to download the preview.