Ad agency M&C Saatchi Milano worked with the Europ Assistance IT insurance agency to create this awesome ad campaign that involved staging a submarine breach through the pavement in a popular sidewalk in the heart of Milan's Piazza Mercanti. Pedestrians were shocked to find the sub poking out of street with a Smartfortwo car lifted by the rubbel. Obviously, the ad agency didn't really break through the street and the whole thing was an elaborate installation to promote Europ Assistance IT's new "Protect Your Life" campaign.

In addition to the installation, M&C Saatchi Milano filmed a series of videos and staged a performance to help sell the idea that the submarine had really emerged from the street. The videos were styled as surveillance and amateur footage and featured news reporters and police officers rushing to the scene to help the crew of the ship and the driver of the Smartfortwo. The entire campaign was genius and definitely got people's attention. More ad agencies should be this ambitious. Check out one of the ads below:

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[via DesignBoom]

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