So, the good people over at DIY Vat took one for the team, guys. Evidently, now that even your lame cousins know about selvedge denim everyone and their mother is trying to get in on the jeans market. But instead of flying to Japan to source fabrics and shit, companies are espousing the whole "democratizing fashion" ethos, which is just annoying. I’m never gonna fault someone for trying to sell stuff at slightly more affordable pricepoints, I just wish that they’d be honest about it and admit that their profit margin will still be an actual margin and perhaps what you’re actually saving on is fabric choices and construction. But I didn’t major in textiles or in production at FIT so what the fuck do I know? I do know that I pay a lot of money for clothes for the specific reason that most other sane, functioning adults will prioritize things like food and healthcare over clothing, THEREBY LEAVING ME AND A SLIGHTLY SMALLER SUBSET OF INDIVIDUALS AS THE ONLY ONES WEARING EXPENSIVE CLOTHES. I’m a snob and I’m not afraid to admit it. The only other thing I know is that if a deal sounds too good to be true, especially if that deal is on the fucking Internet, IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE ACTUALLY TRUE.