A very cool blog with a very uncool set of circumstances. This Charming Charlie is a Tumblr site that takes text-free Peanuts cartoon strips and adds in quotes from the rock back The Smiths. The emotional lyrics fit so well in the lives of Charlie Brown and his friends, but the Universal Music Publishing Group doesn't seem to think so. A message was posted to the blog that read "The Smiths’ licensing company (Universal Music Publishing Group) has started requesting posts be removed from This Charming Charlie. So far 6 posts have been removed, and it is increasing every hour. If you like the page, please save copies of the comics to your own computer. I will repost the images on my personal site." If anything we would think that Peanuts could ask for their strips to be removed, but song lyrics? Not even mashups are safe these days.

Either way, enjoy the site while you can before all of the comics are gone.

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[via ThisCharmingCharlie]