Most people would agree that metal currency is boring. Most coins across the world have stayed the same for many years, and the ones that have changed, haven't done so drastically. There is only so much you can do with the design of a coin while keeping the production costs low enough so that the denomination of the coin makes sense. Countries (not the United States) have gotten the memo that dollar bills are where it's at in terms of funky designs and colorful notes.

Germany-based Brazilian designer Andre Levy took it upon himself to make coins exciting with this Instagram project turned Tumblr blog Tales You Lose. Levy paints various pop culture portraits over the faces found on various foreign coins. From Futurama to Amelie, the artist uses very small brushes and magnifying glasses to paint the smallest of details to transform undoubtedly important figures into even more important icons from entertainment. Check out some of our favorite paintings above and follow Andre Levy on Instagram for more.

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[via TalesYouLose]