Supermodel Tyra Banks doesn't take to the runaway these days and is rarely seen on camera unless its for one of her television projects, but she likes to remind the world that she used to dominate the scene in her day. In a photo series with photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth, Banks pays homage to other iconic supermodels of the past and of today by becoming them. Models including Twiggy, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Grace Jones, Kate Upton, Kate Moss, and Iman are imitated by Banks, both in pose and in appearance.

Some people have taken to social media to bash Banks' use of makeup to make her skin lighter, calling the model's use of "whiteface" offensive. First of all, shut up. Secondly, Banks clearly visited both ends of the spectrum and darkened her skin to portray Iman and Grace Jones, yet no blinked an eye. Another sad, ignorant case of "they can so why can't I?" To fight ignorance with ignorance, one GIF sums all of this up perfectly...

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[via FashionGoneRogue]