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Tyga may reside in Rack City, but according to a Beverly Hills jeweler, it's all just an illusion. The West Coast rapper is being sued for allegedly stealing roughly $91,000 worth of blinged-out jewelry, TMZ reports.

Tyga is being accused of not paying-up for a diamond-encrusted Pantheon watch along with a massive Cuban link chain. Both incidents took place in 2012, and Tyga had agreed to pay over $28,000 for the watch, and he borrowed the $63,000 chain but never returned it.

This has gotten Tyga into quite some trouble, and is now being sued by the jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, for double the amount of the pieces plus late fees, coming to a whopping total of $185,306.50.

This is interesting, because it looks like Tyga posted a similar chain on Instagram last night, along with a newer piece. So will he pay up?

 [via TMZ]