Topshop  recently put Rihanna's image on a tank top without the singer's permission. In response, Rihanna brought the British retailer to court and won the lawsuit this July, and now it looks like Topshop is in even deeper trouble for trying to get a buck off of RiRi.

The shirt, which featured an image of Rihanna that was taken without consent during her "We Found Love" music video, has now caused a judge to rule that Topshop can never use Rihanna's image or likeliness ever again, Telegraph reports.

The judge placed an injunction against Topshop, which bars the retailer from committing a similar act against Rihanna. But Rihanna's team wasn't happy with simply a cease and desist order for the T-shirts that were sold during 2012, they wanted the retailer to pay for their legal costs, too—which they estimated at roughly $1.4M.

However, the judge found these costs to be totally absurd and bogus, and felt a more fitting sum of around $320,000 to be a more reasonable payout for Rihanna and her legal team.

Still, the message is clear: Don't fuck with the number one female fashion killa. Afterall, if anyone could just lift her image, we don't think she'd have her own clothing line with fellow British retailer, River Island.

[via Telegraph]