Every brand has room for improvement, even if it is already a brand we think is on top of the game. The Legends USA makes great 5-panels, right in, you guessed it, the USA. And the brand covers them with a variety of prints. But no matter how cool a 5-panel hat looks, if it doesn't fit correctly, you're not going to wear it that much.

The Legends went back to the drawing board for fall 2013, and gave its hats a deeper, roomier fit, and continued to offer similar designs that made us dig the brand back in spring. This go-around, The Legends has dotted chambray, animal prints, paisley prints, and even a few patchwork options that are reminiscent of Brooks Brothers "Fun Shirts." 

If you need a new cap, or just an accessory to complete your wardrobe, click here to shop the brand. This season's hats will be dropping soon.