Years: 1992 - Present
Notable works: OBEY Giant, Icon face

A lawsuit in 1994, brought by Titan Sports, Inc. (now known as World Wrestling Entertainment) brought Fairey to stop using the André the Giant Has a Posse slogan, despite the spread of wrestling's popularity and the positive benefits of the image for the massive company. Fairey then began posting his work with a much more streamlined slogan, inspired by the John Carpenter movie They Live: OBEY. Without predicate, the word itself carries a lack of meaning, though it does carry some kind of sinister connotation. This would become not only the title of Fairey's soon-to-be massive apparel company but also the manifestation of a kind of push-pull with ideas of propaganda while inching into-and being a part of-the mainstream. The André the Giant face was streamlined, flattened, made more ominous, into what Fairey calls "the Icon Face" and the stickers continued to be distributed worldwide. By 1996, he began his entrepreneurial career. "I'm in an awkward position: I'm big enough to compete, but not big enough to get major distribution," he told Wired Magazine in 1996. "And I'm too big to be supported by the underground."

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