It's as if you've walked into a time warp—back to when the most exciting point of your day was the hour of recess or the bus ride home: The Tamagotchi, the notorious definition of digital pet caretaking, is coming back in full force as a clothing line.

Tamagotchi is teaming up with L.A. T-shirt company Mighty Fine to produce a collection of activewear, tees, bodysuits, dresses, fleece, pants, shorts, skirts, and home decor inspired by the pixelized pets of the game. The idea for the collection gained signifcant steam after Bandai's Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. app snapped up 2.5 million dowloads.

The heavily nostalgic collection leaves out men and is aimed for a female audience. What's next? Polly Pocket gym shorts?

[via Huffington Post]