Inaugurated in 2005 outside of Marfa, Texas, Prada Marfa is an art sculpture designed and built by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. The sculpture resembles a Prada store complete with window displays and signage and was built on the side of a desert highway with the intention of letting it naturally fall into ruin. Unfortunately, the sculpture may never see that day because the Texas Department of Transportation is threatening to get rid of it. The sculpture has been deemed a form of "outdoor advertising" and is said to require permits and licenses. The site has seen a boost in tourism thanks to the art (the image above shows Beyoncé posing with it during a family vacation) and fans of the work are not happy about its uncertain future. A "Save Prada Marfa" Facebook page has been set up and supporters from around the country are flocking to the site to see it in case Elmgreen and Dragset are served an eviction notice. We really hope that it stays, and if Marfa wants the flow of tourists to continue they should make the right decision.

[via NewsWest9]