A smartly designed new shop in Vienna morphs for different uses, based on the needs of the time of day. Designed with a classic Italian market in mind, the Super Mari’, as it’s called, sports a clean, white tile look that conforms to whatever is appropriate: café by morning, mini-mart by day, and small bar at night. All the objects needed for the various uses can hide behind the gridded tiles. 

The mini-mart’s shelves are actually alcoves in the wall that hidden panels, also tiled, obscure when sliding or folding into place. Even the espresso machine has a tea cozy-like cover that is in the same grid as the tiles. The shopping bags are also adorned with this design.

The Super Mari’ was designed by Lukas Galehr of architecture studio MadameMohrThis is how Galehr described the shop:

In the early hours of the day when people are on their way to work they drop by just for a quick coffee and a Cornetto and a spremuta, while in the afternoon the range of goods expands from coffee beans to pasta, and even washing powder. Most products are imported from Italy such as passalacqua coffee and pasta from vero lucano. In the late afternoon and evening the space transforms again to the bar where people have a quick aperitivo before they head to one of the numerous nearby restaurants. Many come back after dinner since the true espresso only tastes right at the bar.

In the closing hours most often the entire interior is closed so only the tiles are visible which gives the impression of an emptied out swimming pool or a butcher's shop. Only insiders and regulars are not irritated by the always changing configurations of the shelves.

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[via Dezeen]