Introduction by James Harris.

We've said before that dressing yourself and expressing your personal sense of style should only have one authority: yourself. However, these tough words mean nothing when another cuffing season arrives, and all you share your bed with is Rosie Palm and old episodes of Breaking Bad. Like most things in life, we should do a better job of checking in with the wiser, fairer sex on all things crucial to the good life.

So, that being said, we asked the super-cool Hana May of Hearty Magazine to give us a few pointers on what her fellow stylish girls will be on the look-out for this fall and winter. Hana broke it down for us in basic terms that we men could wrap our simplistic minds around. If you take the time to listen to wise words, then hopefully the end result is a partner whom with you can hibernate through the winter. Stop dressing for your homies and for the Internet, this is What Stylish Chicks Want to See You Wear This Fall.

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