It's easy to skirt through life taking minimal risk, and in the long run, you'll probably end up living longer. But where's the reward? Where is the excitement? Is milktoast going to satiate your appetite? One's day-to-day stylish decisions are the same way. The dullness of wearing oxford shirts and khaki pants to work/the BBQ/your friend's cousin's Bar Mitvah are going to leave you hecka unsatisfied at the end of the day. 

Your style shouldn't lean too heavily on following trends, but there are definitely some you can try that will fill the void your style currently has. These gambles are for the days you want to go beyond filling that void and overflow the motherfucker. Take a style risk this fall that will have people saying "damn, he overdosed." But, in a good way, not the "Tragic. When's the funeral?" type of way. These stylish efforts won't lead you astray; try and trust us as we delve into some Style Risks You Should Take This Fall.

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