With a collective "Fuck yeah!" being screamed across America, today marks the first Sunday of the 2013-14 NFL season. Doubtless, every fan thinks that this is the year that their squad is going to stay injury-free, play smart football, and go on a miraculous run that will take them to the Super Bowl. The only thing that Americans love more than believing in their team and sitting on their asses every Sunday is ranking the various organizations, position players, and historical feats, along with nearly everything else involved with football.

We'll be rooting just as hard for our teams as the next guy, but any dude who cares about style will also take note of each team's colors and designs they wear on their back for 60 minutes every week. This isn't a list that takes skill, off-season moves, or personality into consideration. This is simply about the aesthetics of each squad's look. For all 32 teams, this is Style Points: Every NFL Jersey Ranked From Worst-Looking to Best.

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