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Caring about style is fun. It's a mostly harmless world that has its interesting characters, grail destinations, and just general awesomely creative stuff that we can all be a part of. However, it's a world that can easily suffocate anyone who wades too far into the murky swamp that is men's style. If you're not careful, you can very quickly become fully versed on the benefits of RiRi zippers, but completely forget to buy flowers for Mother's Day.

If you ever took a second to think, "Hey, maybe I'm in too deep," but then immediately started copping and blogging and nerding out again, scanning this list will hopefully alert you to the signs that you need help. Now, we're not saying you're insane, but help is out there, you know. If the 10 Signs You Should Stop Caring About Style sound even remotely familiar, then it's time to re-prioritize your life. 

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