Repurposed gas stations are not a new concept in contemporary design, but you've probably never seen one turned into a landscape of rolling hills. "Sheep Station," a new installation in Chelsea, New York that is set to open September 17, features an old Getty pump station turned into a grazing pasture for the late Francois-Xavier Lalanne's sheep sculptures. 

The installation is the brainchild of Michael Shvo, a real estate developer and art collector who purchased the gas station with the development group Victor Homes. "Sheep Station" is one of many planned artworks that will appear in the Chelsea location before Shvo finishes constructing a luxury building in place of the Getty station.

Stumbling across the installation is like something right out of Man Ray's sketchbook. “There’s nothing more surreal than a sheep meadow in the middle with the gas station rising out of the middle of Chelsea,” Shvo told Curbed of the project. 

"Sheep Station" couldn't have happened without the cooperation of Paul Kasmin, the art dealer in charge of Lalanne's estate. With his support, Shvo was able to acquire 25 of Lalanne's Moutons (sheep) to meander about the grassy field. 

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 [via Curbed]