With only a few days to go, Sara Cwynar’s Kitsch Encyclopedia has only generated a third of the funding needed before going to publication with Blonde Art Books.

Cwynar has been working on the book for three years—collecting images, writing articles, appropriating text, and formulating a design that speaks to the relationship between kitsch and imagery. So far, there is only one hand-bound copy of the Kitsch Encyclopedia, but, the author and publisher hope to create 1,000 copies.

Here’s the artist’s statement:

Kitsch Encyclopedia is a book project that brings together writings by Milan Kundera, Roland Barthes and Jean Baudrillard, as well as my own writing to formulate a relationship of kitsch to images. Kundera considers kitsch to be a categorizing phenomenon: a means through which complex human experience is distilled to simple, sentimental motifs. All three writers discuss a similar circumstance of the contemporary image world: the way that our culture of images, especially in the age of the internet, provides an Idealized, kitsch-based image world that exists on top of the real world and in many ways has subsumed it. 

Check out more details on the project on the Kickstarter page.

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