With moves reminiscent of Miley Cyrus' now infamous/made-us-feel-icky performance at the MTV VMAs, Rihanna exited her hotel in in London with full phallus in tow. Her Vivienne Westwood clutch somehow outshone the rest of her KTZ head-to-toe outfit, and she made sure we all got a glimpse of the impressive golden dick that graced the length of her bag. The accessory incorporated a version of man-junk that looks like something ancient civilizations would worship in the name of fertility or getting mad butt.

After a busy visit to promote her clothing line Rihanna for River Island, it seemed like the superstar was ready to wind down and have some fun with the literal dick-bag. A few Instagram photos from the Complex cover star's gave the world the hashtag it never knew it needed: #cockclutch.

She Instagrammed a photo of herself molesting her security team with the caption, "My security getting dicked down in public by my #cockclutch." And also, "By the look on his face.....it tickled!! #cockclutch." If a giant golden penis came flying at us via Rihanna, we have no idea what our reaction would be, so you can't fault this dude for looking like Santa Claus just blessed him with every toy he could never afford as a wee boy.

[via Digital Spy]