Never content with a presentation of fashion that’s typical in a digital world of infinite resources, designers Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader (known otherwise as Reed+Rader) have unveiled their bonkers new project, Brave New World.

Reed+Rader previously brought us these game-changing GIFs, using video game imagery to showcase fashions in a dynamic way. This time, the digital artists took their concepts inside the world of the first-person shooter. The duo has created the first fashion film to be created using the engine of the game Unreal Tournament. The result is Brave New World—watch it above.

“From dirt and wood textures to circus tents and the performers this world has been hand sculpted by us.  A lot of our work has been experimenting with using 3D assets in it for a while now but this project takes things to a new level for us,” the artists wrote to Complex.

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[via Reed+Rader