Remember a little while back how everyone was trying to make Tevas cool? Yeah, well, I’ve been seeing a lot of fanny packs lately and I’m not gonna front, when I was a little kid I had a fanny pack. But it was a next level fanny pack. See, my uncle traveled to Korea a bunch because he worked in the auto industry and evidently had to fly to Korea a lot for business. So, he brought us back these sick trapper keeper things and fanny packs. That’s right, I WAS GETTING SHIT PROXIED FROM ASIA BACK IN THE EARLY NINETIES, SON. You know how you get everyone to like your new expensive fanny pack? Don’t wear it like a fanny pack. Wear it across your body, over one shoulder. That shit will still look kinda lame, but not as lame as have a pouch bouncing directly above your wiener. South 2 West 8—who makes this hella luxe fanny pack—is a Nepenthes brand, so if you don’t like this fanny pack you have bad taste.