Illustrator and graphic designer Mica Angela Hendricks could not have predicted the amount of attention she has gotten from her most recent collaboration. When she brought home a new sketchbook, her daughter took notice and asked if she could draw in it too. Hendricks initially resisted, but after being given a lesson in sharing from her toddler, she agreed to let her draw the body on a head she had completed. The drawing turned into several, and now the duo is selling their prints of their popular drawings on Society 6.

Hendricks wrote on HuffingtonPost that the shared experience with her daughter taught her three things that not only apply to art, but are also useful in life. Firstly, she learned to be less rigid and let things happen that are out of her control. Secondly, Hendricks helped to build her daughter's confidence by valuing her input and treating her as an equal partner in the collaboration. The third thing that the artist learned, and the one that she says is the most important, is that "if you have a preconceived notion of how something should be, you will always be disappointed." 

For more art from Hendricks and her miniature partner, check out

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