“Jesus Fucking Christ, another Kanye headline. Fuck these thirsty ass Kanye Stan bitchass fuccbois. Damn, I can’t wait to write that in the comments, this is going to be good” is probably one hunid percent what you thought when clicking on this post. It’s okay to admit that, like your last girlfriend said, you are an asshole who spends way too much time and money on the Internet. Welcome to the club. If it weren’t literally my job to write about relevant menswear happenings every single day then maybe I would be salty about the unrelenting Yeezy coverage too. But more importantly, HEY! LOOK! You clicked—thank you by the way—you’re here and you’re still alive! Granted, it’s impossible to OD on Yeezus on the Interwebz. He is evergreen, like weed, Twinkies or that old guy at the car wash who has flirted with your mom since you were 8.

What isn’t evergreen, however, is the man’s style. Kanye has earned entire entries dedicated to his style evolution and has gone on record stating that his old clothing choices have induced levels of self-hatred that can only be articulated by the need to “kill self." Aggressive, sure, but honest. Like his music, Kanye’s fashion choices look towards the future in a blatant effort to one-up the competition. More often than not, this sends the entire landscape of hip-hop wears in a completely new direction whether for better or for worse (an entire generation of struggle rappers in leather pants is pretty unforgivable). The fact is, when it comes to a lot of things in hip-hop culture, what Yeezus says, goes, and right now he is most definitely in a transitional period in terms of his personal style. Kanye's leathers and blacks are appearing less and less frequently, while olives, browns and natural hues are being pushed to the forefront. We are on the ground floor, people, so pay attention and settle into the reality that your favorite YouTube rapper's favorite YouTube rapper will be wearing the same shit soon.

Instead of dwelling on the negative, let's try express ourselves by listening to Nothing Was The Same while drunk Facebook messaging girls who bloomed early at Jewish summer camp. Or, it might be quite enjoyable to try and guess what brands Yeezy will flock to in the years to come, based largely in part on the shit he’s been wearing recently and also largely in part to a few absolute shots in the dark because if and when we’re right, we can’t fucking wait to call #influence on you nerds. Without further delay, here are the brands we think Kanye West will be repping heavily in the next few years.