You are probably familiar with the concept of a "photo-a-day" project in which someone takes a selfie or takes photos of someone/thing else and stitches them together as a timelapse video after a certain number of days have passed to show the changes. Probably the most well-known project was that of photographer Noah Kalina who started taking photos of himself at the age of 19 over 13 years ago.

Filmmaker Anthony Cerniello had a different and arguably more interesting strategy. Cerniello wanted to "create a person" through photography for this aging video, but he didn't have 70 years to capture 25,500 photos of someone. Instead, for Danielle he went to a friend's family reunion with his Hasselblad medium format camera and took portraits of multiple generations, from the youngest cousins to the oldest living relatives. Cerniello then selected the members of the family that looked the most alike and arranged their photos by age. Next, with the help of animators and photo manipulation software, the filmmaker animated the photos into frames for his video, enlisting the help of George Cuddy and the "Nuke" software to smooth out the details. The result is an unbelievable video that does appear to be one girl's entire life passing by in a matter of minutes. Watch for yourself below and prepare to be amazed:

[via io9]