There's been a lot of talk about Billionaire Boys Club, but its brother brand ICECREAM has been quietly making moves as well. Pharrell assembled the label's own skate team, and ICECREAM still churns out the most playful graphics around. Plus, it’s accessible in more locations than when it first started. This is good for fans that had no other option than to get the clothes at the brand's flagship locations—or pay crazy prices on eBay. What hasn’t changed much is the funky choice of colors used in its collections. 

In a recent interview with retailer CCS, Pharrell explained the inspiration behind all the vivid colors for his brand. “I always said that I wanted to 'Willy Wonka' the brand. Colors are really important to us and originally separated us from a lot of the other brands,” he says. Somehow we can’t get the image out of our heads of Skateboard P orchestrating out-of-this-world designs with a bunch of orange Oompa Loompa’s behind the scenes.

The rest of the interview covers his love for skateboarding (even admitting he wasn’t the greatest at it), his personal favorite brands, and how it was like to work with two robots to make one of the summer’s hottest songs. Check out the rest on the CCS website

[via CCS]