What qualifies someone for not being allowed to shop at a store? Being a known thief? Acting belligerent and being in violation of the store's rules? For an Oregon teenager, it was because she was "too fat," or that was the case at Rue 21 store.

Shelby Buster, a 14-year-old girl from Eugene, Ore. who was celebrating her birthday, went shopping for the first time without her parents and had the worst shopping experience of her life. Buster decided to go shopping with a friend of hers, only to be greeted by a rude sales associate who told her she had to leave the shop because she was too big, a local news outlet is reporting.

However, Rue 21 is not denying the allegations, instead, the district manager admitted that she was aware of the situation and is looking into it.

All that aside, the store does sell jewelery and perfume, the latter which Buster was shopping for. We've seen other brands, such as Abercrombie & Fitch, claim they don't want plus-sized women shopping at their store, but ridiculing a 14-year-old is too much.

[via Jezebel]