While most large bridges mainly serve as roads for vehicles and mass transportation, OMA's proposal for the Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc bridge in Bordeaux, France imagines a new multi-purpose structure as a connecting platform that can host social events and provide recreational space for pedestrians. Lanes will distinguish the different types of vehicles to organize traffic, as cars, buses, bicycles, and pedestrians will all have their own space to occupy. Bridging together a rural agricultural area and an urban setting, the structure is a point of mediation.

While the competition for the bridge's design will continue throughout this year, this leading proposal shows promise in its capacity to serve a wide range of functions while allotting most of its surface area to humans on foot. Instead of creating a structure that merely serves traffic, the proposed design imagines concerts, booths, and outdoor events in a newly created space over the water. The 44-meter wide, 545-meter long bridge is planned to open in 2018, and the winning proposal will be announced in December of this year.

[via Designboom]