As part of Doug Aitken's mobile art project "Station to Station," Olafur Eliasson created a kinetic drawing machine titled Connecting Cross Country With A Line. The device is powered by the movement of the train, the site of "Station to Station." Eliasson created a round dish suspended on springs. A piece of paper sits in the dish, as a ball coated in ink rolls around the surface, driven by the motion of the locomotive. The drawings represent the landscape the train rolls through as it moves from town to town across America, from one coast to another. More than 20 drawings will be made along the trip. 

When "Station to Station" is over, the machine and the drawings will accompany Eliasson back to Berlin. He'll write a poem about each one and frame the drawings for presentation.

Check out a video of the drawing machine in action below:

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[via Designboom]