There was not a dry eye in Yankee stadium and bars as Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera took his last walk to the mound. This was his last game before going into retirement.  Grown ass men were shedding tears overcome with emotion knowing they’ve become witness to one of the most storied careers in baseball. Rivera’s Hall of Fame career is the stuff of legends.

To celebrate, Nike has created some exclusive product dedicated to Rivera, who was known as the Sandman. Named after his famous pitch, the “Sierra Circular” collection contains some items we wouldn’t mind having as memorabilia.

Included in the collection is a Destroyer varsity jacket adorned with details that sum up the best closer in the game: The flag of Panama, Rivera's birth nation, and American flag flank the sleeves, “Sierra Circular” is embroidered on the chest, and his logo along with “Cortado” (cutter)—a pitch he was known for—are emblazoned on the back. Also included in the collection is a pair of cleats, baseball glove, TR Max 360 trainer sneaker, T-shirt, and a hat. All are stored in a wooden trunk to store away for safekeeping. Looking at the whole thing is bringing back tears from last night emotional farewell.

[via Nike]