Nicky Diamonds is an O.G. of Los Angeles streetwear, but his brand, Diamond Supply Co., started in San Francisco. "We'd just hang out, drink 40s, and skate," is how Diamonds would describe his life back in the day.

After two years of operating his brand, which started in 1998, Mike Carroll convinced Diamonds, whose real last name is Tershay, to move his operation to L.A. and the rest is history. He set up shop on Fairfax Avenue and 13 years later, he's seen the block turn into the premier destination for streetwear brands.

"There isn't another street in the world like Fairfax," Diamonds says. "There's actually kids now, especially the Odd Future kids, who grew up on Fairfax, because I have pics of Tyler and Taco and all these kids, as little ass dudes chilling at my store, now they've grown into some big rap group, but they really grew up on the block."

Watch the rest of the video above to better understand not only what Diamond Supply Co. is about, but get a sense of the history of L.A. streetwear, too.