Nas is known for his rugged street rhymes that profess learned knowledge and an aspiration for lavish riches. This same idea is expressed through his new clothing, HSTRY, which is in collaboration with menswear blogger Grungy Gentleman and now available.

A few months back, we received a preview of the brand's inaugural collection for fall 2013, and we were impressed by Nas taking a fashion-forward approach to his clothing line. If you were wondering how Nas' execution of street luxury is represented, look no further than HSTRY's Japanese-sourced flannel shirts with Italian lambskin patches on the elbows and yoke, white Italian lambskin bomber jackets with RiRi zippers, and for those who like to get theirs the fast way, there's a lambskin face mask.

The collection isn't cheap, especially for rapper-owned clothing line prices: The bomber jacket retails for $1,495, and there's a black hoodie with leather sleeves and front pockets that has a sticker price of $600. If your eyes were on the all-leather shirt, you better have $895 sitting in your checking account or available on your credit balance.

But what the collection lacks in non-investment prices, it exceeds in flipping the script on what to expect from a clothing line owned by a rapper.