Taking the art of the ballpoint-pen doodle to an entirely new, incredible level, artist and designer Jonathan Bréchignac has been working on a new entry to his Carpets series of drawings. Bréchignac, art director of the Paris-based design studio Joe + Nathan, has been working on painstakingly detailed Muslim prayer rugs, by creating the entire piece on paper and using not much more than Bic pens to accomplish the effect.

In 2012, the artist created four of the rugs with black ink. This is the artist’s statement on the elements of design he uses:

[…] it explores different ways and patterns to create a unique whole with only a simple tool : the "Less is more" precept. The inspiration comes from different types of art (French roman, traditional Japanese, native American and Mexican) and also military camouflage and animal patterns. Together they create a mix of civilizations and religions bringing forth a new meaning to them.

Bréchignac has completed a new entry in the series. This one features an updated color spectrum of vibrant blue rather than black ink. He calls this entry Ultraviolet, given the UV ink he uses in the design. Check out some shots of the new rug—which startlingly features scannable QR codes—above.

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[via This Is Colossal]