College football is America's much-celebrated addiction. We love the stuff. From the traditions that take place on Saturday mornings across the nation's campuses to nail-biting games and the pageantry that occurs during the season, we're tuned in September through January.

The drama, exciting plays, and feel-good stories headline every weekend, and while there are plenty of college stars who already deserve signature gear, there are also the coaches who recruit, train, and help these players reach their fullest potentials.

These days, most of those dudes stand on the sidelines dress in very business casual attire. But, with a look through the past 140 or so years that the sport has been around, some of the coaches were not only the main attraction for their winning ways, but also the way they dressed. From dapper suits to interesting accessory choices, they knew how to put together a 'fit that commanded respect. And we applaud them for that, even if their teams couldn't always come out of on top. Here are The Most Stylish College Football Coaches of All Time.

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