In a time where most mainstream exposure to tattoo culture is through highly-produced and dramatized "reality" shows, Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol saw the need to create a web series on their new YouTube lifestyle channel SanctionedTV. The web series, entitled "Tattoo Stories" introduces people to some of the best artists working today and explores their backstories and influences. No filler, just engaging interviews and a platform to showcase the artists' work for both their celebrity and street clienteles. Artists including Baby Ray, Trigger, Shawn Barber, Tattoo Tony, Rick Walters, Franco Vescovi, Jack Rudy, and Mister Cartoon himself tell stories and share parts of their lives that add to the culture. No offense to the various "Ink" and other tattoo shows because there are very talented artists showcased on television as well, but this YouTube series has set the bar high and we love it. 

Check out a clip below from Baby Ray's installment of the series and be sure to subscribe to the channel for more great content:

[via SanctionedTV