Nicki Minaj said on Big Sean's "Dance," in more lewd language, you couldn't get Michael Kors, if you were sleeping with Michael Kors. And Kors is actually flattered by being co-signed in the hip-hop world. Even if Gunplay rhymed on Rick Ross' "Clique (Remix)," "Yeah I spill my Coors on your Michael Kors, whore," the designer is all for the rappers dropping his name, he told The Cut. But don't expect for any of these songs to be played at any of Kors' runway shows.

"All of my rap lyric songs are really dirty," Kors said. "It's fun, but then I think, well, I can never really use most of these songs in our shows because we might get raided by the language police and we might have lots of bleeps."

Considering that the name drops are so brief, we understand Kors opting out of bumping any of the aforementioned lyrics. It's not like anyone has gone Jay Z a la Tom Ford to Kors, yet. But it could happen. Kors was the most-searched fashion designer last year.

[via The Cut]