For months now, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been getting some flack for allegedly deceiving visitors into thinking that the recommended admission fee was mandatory and for offering "deals." Now the museum is offering another deal through the popular discount site Groupon for $7 off the suggested price of $25. The deal does use the words "recommended admission" in the fine print section, but over 1000 people have purchased tickets using the discount, so either they aren't reading it or they want to support the arts. The Met senior vice president of affairs Harold Holzer told the Huffington Post that the museum has been selling tickets through various sites for years and that the Groupon promotion and others like it are about access, giving visitors the power to skip the long lines. 

If you want to pay $18 to save an hour or just to support the Metropolitan Museum of Art, check out the Groupon deal here before it expires. 

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[via HuffingtonPost