I want to highlight A Kind of Guise and their hunter jacket if you would be so kind to indulge me. First off, before you try and talk shit about workwear brands SLOW THE FUCK UP. All you dudes have been talking about lately is Engineered Garments which, by the way, six months ago WAS A WORKWEAR BRAND. But now because you just so happen to like the clothes again, the label has "transcended the genre" and is "just, like, cool, ya know?" MAYBE WE SHOULD STOP LABELING GENRES OF MENSWEAR AND JUST LIKE WHAT WE LIKE AND HATE WHAT WE HATE. I like this jacket because it’s basically a coach’s jacket with snazzier pockets. So wear it cholo style and shut the fuck up already. Side note: This jacket comes complete with a detachable quilted vest. That’s two items for the price of one expensive item! You won’t probably ever wear the vest on its own, but you can show everyone what a cool detail it is!