Australian based artist Matt Doust died very recently at the age of 29 ahead of his solo exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. Called a "womaniser and a scallywag" in a tribute by the Guardian, Doust has an amazing talent for hyperrealism, creating portraits that could easily be mistaken for photography. The large-scale paintings are predominately of women with expressions that Doust is able to paint with great emotion, depictions that the gallery refers to as "both alienating and intimate." 

Doust is rumored to have slept with most of the women he painted and to have mixed semen into his oil paints. We're not sure if that has something to do with how amazing his portraits are, but it definitely adds to the narrative of the artist's short life and complicates what he was trying to convey with his work. He died in late August from an epileptic seizure. Nevertheless, the exhibition entitled "Final Works" will open in his honor on September 7 and will remain on display until September 28. 

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[via ThinkspaceGallery/Guardian]