Marina Abramovic makes being friends with Riccardo Tisci, dancing with Jay Z, being the grandmother of performance art, and having your life played by Willem Dafoe in a production by Robert Wilson LOOK EFFORTLESS. It must not be that effortless, but she has indeed reached a point in her career where she can show everyone just how few limits she has. 

Her most recent interview for the Frank Ocean-covered Oyster magazine reveals many things, among them, that Willem Dafoe has put his mouth near her breast region (for photo shoot purposes) and that she ruined an haute couture Givenchy dress (a gift from Riccardo Tisci, of course) by swimming with it in a waterfall in Laos. The interviewer asks her if she'd ever release a rap album, following her performance with Jay Z, and she responds, "You know, I’ve just been proposed a very interesting project that I can’t say anything about yet."

Whether this means a rap-specific project is on the way or not, we do know that she already has a collaboration with Lady Gaga on the way, beyond Gaga practicing the Abramovic Method naked in the woods (which we did TMZ). 

Beyond hinting at a future collab, Marina silences the haters when she responds to the interviewer prodding her for more info about the project. She says,

After the Jay Z thing and after I went to the [Watermill Center] Gala with Lady Gaga I had at least a few friends text me and say, “Do you know what you’re doing?” [Laughs] I was like, “Don’t worry about me, baby.” But it’s incredible how old-fashioned we are thinking about things and about categories. You know, if I went to do this thing with Jay Z or if I go out with Lady Gaga, does that make me a bad artist or is my work going in a strange direction? I don’t think so. It’s incredible how we think in a box.

And there you have it.

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[via OysterMag]