Stylish or not, people often wear garments that are directly related to their look. Kanye West and those shutter shades back in 2007 and 2008. Jay Z and crisp pair of jeans and button-up. Drake and sweaters. And even Mac Miller and snapbacks.

"Had some baggy gear, now my clothes tailored/ Had a fitted cap, now I rock a snapbacks," Miller rapped on "Snap Backs" off his first mixtape, The Jukebox. Anyone who's kept an eye on the Pittsburgh native will know that he rarely leaves home without the headgear. What started off as a new accessory has now become his signature look—there are even memes that say, "Just cuz you wear a snap-back doesn't mean you're Mac Miller" and "You own a snapback? You must be Mac Miller." He's worn everything from ONLY NY, DURKL, ILLROOTS, and even a few of his favorite athletic teams. Who's Miller without a snapback? We wouldn't even know he would look like.

We've put together a list of some of the rapper's most dope headgear. Check out this Gallery of Mac Miller's Best Snapbacks