Yohji Yamamoto, one of the greatest Japanese designers of all time, is a long-time favorite of London boutique LN-CC. The literally underground boutique (and the best store in the world, according to us) knows that it's not enough to simply stock gear on its shelves. The store puts serious effort into improving the style in all aspects of one's life, including music, literature, spirits, and, of course, clothing.  To celebrate the arrival of Yohji Yamamoto's Fall 2013 collection, the shop has put together a retrospective that spans the breadth of the designer's career through a musical and literary lens. 

Music has always played a significant role in Yamamoto's work, and LN-CC has put together a thorough offering of what the designer has accomplished sonically from the early '80s up to 2002. They also have culled "The Show" Volumes, which catalogue the music that was composed for his runway shows in Paris. Additionally, LN-CC has a bunch of collaborative work that Yamamoto created with Japanese music legends, including YMO's Takahashi Yukihiro and Keiichi Suzuki.

In terms of literature, LN-CC has curated a few retrospective titles related to the designer, including the biographical "My Dear Bomb." And, in a rare piece that offers genuine insights into Yamamoto's everyday life and genius undertakings, "Talking to Myself" is a work Yamamoto was involved with that set out to be a creative and illustrative notebook that offered a glimpse into the master's mind. With moves like these, which reveal all the artistic efforts that culminate in aesthetically flawless entities like Yamamoto's designs, LN-CC is definitely not looking to give up that top spot anytime soon.