Worried about the coming apocalypse? Afraid of natural sunlight? Just don’t really like people or fresh air? Here is the home for you!

An underground fallout shelter in Las Vegas looks exactly like an above-ground suburban home—and sits right below a typical above-ground house. It’s for sale at a mere $7 million.

Built on the belief that the Cold War would bring an end to surface life as we know it, the 1,600-square-foot house sits about 26-feet below ground. It’s a ridiculous space containing a guesthouse, dance floors, a sauna, two hot tubs, a swimming pool, and a Flintstones-like BBQ that looks like a rock. The “backyard” even has a 360-degree mural and lighting that reflects the time of day. The house was constructed by Girard B. Henderson in 1978, and the garrish pink and green interior design reflects that. 

Check out a video tour of the house below:

This is remarkably like that one Brendan Frasier movie that wasn’t Encino Man. Would you live here? The nearly $2 million price tag includes the house above ground and an acre of surrounding property. Two houses for one mortgage!

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[via Designtaxi]

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